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Smart Strategy Winning Rand Card Games 41

Online gambling 41 cards is actually a fairly easy game to be understood and also learned. In this game you as a player are required to collect four cards that have the same type and also with the highest value. In this playing cards game called Rummy 41 because the highest number in this game is number 41.

Furthermore, this game does not have a dealer from the system, but the booklet of this game comes from players who also rotate in turn to get a chance to become a dealer.

The game will start when the dealer has finished handing out the card and the game will be preceded by the first player who takes his first card. To become the first player in the round you must win the game first in the previous round, or if you have won in the round, then you will be the first player in the next round of online gambling game, and so on.


The first player is entitled to take the card on the deck because it is not your wasted card. For those of you who have not started playing should let the card open or keep the card. There is a ban on this game that you are not allowed to take cards that have been discarded by other players and should not throw the same card.

This new game will end when there is one player who has managed to collect the card with a value of 41 or when the collection of cards runs out. When the game is over every player must show their cards.

But you also can directly win this game if at the beginning of the game you have been lucky to get 4 pieces of cards of the same type, this will immediately close the opportunity for other players to be able to exchange cards. But if you take the card again and get the same card with the start card, then you can not make this game stop.

If the game is over because the card is up and no player has a 41 card number, then the winner will be determined by the amount of the number earned by the player or the highest number available.

The player who has the highest score will win, but the player who has the lowest score will automatically lose directly. You'll get the perfect card if you manage to get a combination of As King Jack and 10 cards on the same type of card. It should be noted that you can win without the combination of cards, the most important is the highest card. Number cards 1 to 10 have numbers corresponding to the numbers on their cards, while J QK cards have a number of 10, and the card with the highest number in this online gambling game is As ie 15.

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